Růžová domácnost - household cleaning and others services for household
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About us

Or company is still young, established on a basis of our personal experience ad with these goals:

  • to provide operatively complex services for households. It is only up to the customer to choose what he/she needs,
  • to offer service of well trained employees – homemakers,
  • to undertake responsibility for risks of possible damages done in households,
  • to increase comfort of customer´s family, of its functioning,
  • to expanse the field for personal development of each family member,

as well as with the goal of:

  • offering of first-rate openings and background for all experienced and reliable women and men with assurance of abidance in all their rights complied by the law (it means: valid employment contracts, social and health insurance, insurance against accidents etc.).


Household service for us doesn’t mean only to clean, wash or launder, iron or take care but as well as keep the household in good conditions. We are achieving this by providing trainings to our employees so that they are able to work properly and use appropriate cleaning technologies and they are responsible for their work.

Based on your household needs we are ready to prepare optimal programme just for you.

It is obvious, that before we hire our employees besides of verification their professional experiences they are put through psychological and medical tests. But it can still happen that you will not be satisfied with the chosen employee and then we can offer you other employee who will be more acceptable for you. It is always necessary to have bilateral sympathy.

Feedback from our customers is very important for us so that we can verify the quality of our employees and prevent eventual dissatisfaction.

Our company is insured against incurred damages on the property or health of customer.